What kinds of live bait can I dye with Vicious Bait Dye?

    You can dye almost any type of live bait with Vicious Bait Dye, including: minnows, shiners, shad, mullet, shrimp, chub, etc.

      Is Vicious Bait Dye environmentally safe?

        Absolutely. Vicious Bait Dye is non-toxic, biodegradable, and completely safe for the environment. But please, don’t pour out excess or used dye in any lake, river or ocean. That’s just poor stewardship. Proper disposal is quick and easy.

          Does Vicious Bait Dye kill the live bait fish?

            NO! When the instructions are followed, Vicious Bait Dye will NOT harm or kill your live bait fish. This is HUGE! If you don’t end up using some of your colored bait fish, the dye will wear off after a few hours. And you can always re-dye the bait fish again, too!

              How many fish can I dye with Vicious Bait Dye?

                It depends on the size of the live bait you’re coloring, but one 4 oz. bottle of Vicious Bait Dye can dye approximately 200 2-inch minnows, for example.

                  Where is Vicious Bait Dye manufactured?

                    Vicious Bait Dye is manufactured start-to-finish in Greer, South Carolina.

                      How do I dispose of Vicious Bait Dye once used?

                        When ready to dispose of the dye solution, add a little bleach and shake/stir. Allow it to settle overnight. When no color is visible, discard into your sewer system.

                          I spilled some Vicious Bait Dye, how should I clean it up?

                            A weak bleach solution will help remove any stray dye.

                              Is it safe to eat fish caught with dyed bait?

                                It’s completely safe to eat any fish caught with bait fish dyed using Vicious Bait Dye.

                                Is Vicious Bait Dye a liquid or powder?

                                Vicious Bait Dye is a liquid that is currently sold in 4 oz bottles.