Our Story

Vicious Bait Dye is a happy accident that got its start many years ago with a South Carolina pest control specialist named Harold. Harold was an avid fisherman who preferred to use minnows as bait. But after years of frustration that his minnows kept dying off before he could use them all, he set about to concoct a mixture that would help them to live longer.
By accident, and with great surprise, Harold discovered that his new creation turned his minnows blue, and they were alive and vibrant!
Knowing that he was on to something that could change fishing as it was known, Harold shared his new creation with a friend who happened to be a chemist. Together they created the Minnow Magic Coloring System that could safely color minnows in four additional colors: pink, gold, orange, and purple.
The product gained instant attention, and soon after Field and Stream Magazine got wind of it. Intrigued, yet skeptical, they sent a writer down to see it first-hand.
Not only was the writer blown away by the product, but it ended up on the cover of the magazine, and they then were awarded the coveted ‘Best of the Best’ new products for their 1998 year end edition.
Unfortunately soon after, Harold unexpectedly passed away; despite wide initial recognition—without the power of the internet—Minnow Magic Coloring System fell off the fishing world’s radar.
Until . . . one fortunate day a guy named George Pfeiffer was sitting in a coffee shop where he was talking about fishing and someone told him about this product that used to exist. Being an avid fisherman, he knew that this would be a game-changer for the fishing world and that it must be re-created.
George immediately set out on the mission and employed investigative skills that were worthy of a detective novel. After many months and many travels, he finally found the family of Harold, which then led him in many other directions. Two years later, with product in-hand, George met with Vicious Fishing, a company focused on being innovators, and created a partnership to bring the product to the masses.
Fast-forward to present day: we continue to work hard to honor our (and your) passion for fishing by offering the highest quality dye for all of your live bait fishing needs… whether you’re fishing with minnows, shad, shiners, chub, shrimp, mullet, herring, suckers, squid or just about any other live bait you can imagine!