How It Works

Vicious Bait Dye can be used to color your live bait whether you plan to use it today, a few days from now, or anytime in between... follow these fast and easy instructions, and you'll be reeling in those big catches in no time!


Be aware that Vicious Bait Dye externally colors your bait, but it can also color your boat, your clothing, equipment, and even you! A pair of rubber gloves is smart, and don’t wear your Sunday best or anything else you care about.


You’ll need:

  • Mixing container
  • Rinsing container
  • Clean water bait bucket

As with all live bait, the use of aeration, cool water, and bait extender may prolong the life of your colored bait. After using Vicious Bait Dye a few times, you’ll know when to remove the baitfish for the color you want.

To Start:

Fill a 44 oz. (or so) mixing container 1/2 to 3/4 full with water from your bait bucket. Shake the 4 oz. color concentrate to mix contents well and carefully pour the entire contents into the mixing container.

Option 1 – Quick 5-Minute Coloring (For several hours)

Into the container, place up to 6 live baitfish (1.5 to 2-inches) and let the bait soak in dye for up to 5 minutes. Remove baitfish and rise/dip in water to remove excess dye. Move bait to clean water bait bucket.

Repeat process for additional live baitfish. The live baitfish will remain colored for several hours. The live baitfish can be re-colored again if color fades or more color is desired. Just repeat directions above.

Note: Once you’ve mixed the 5-minute solution, you can use it for the prolonged dyeing method by adding it to a 1 – 2 gallon empty bait bucket. Add a gallon of water and baitfish as directed (Option 2).

Option 2 – Prolonged 2 to 12-Hour Coloring (For several days)

Using an empty standard bait bucket, or one that holds at least 1.5 gallons, shake the 4 oz. color concentrate to mix well, then add up to 5 quarts of cool water (50-60*F). Now add up to 3 dozen live baitfish. Let baitfish soak in dye for 2-12 hours. Check your bait every hour to ensure great coloring and lively bait.

Your bait may be deeply colored in as little as 2 hours. Remove the live bait from the dye bucket once thoroughly dyed and rinse the dyed bait in water. Move dyed bait to the clean water bait bucket.

Note: Coloring bait longer than 2 hours may make your bait sluggish and could possibly kill your bait. Prolonged coloring of bait may reduce the number of bait you can dye. Not to worry though – it’s not rocket science.


A weak bleach solution will help remove any stray dye. When ready to dispose of the dye solution, add a little bleach and shake/stir. Allow it to settle overnight. When no color is visible, discard into your sewer system.

*Although biodegradable and non-toxic, it is unlawful to dump Vicious Bait Dye into any rivers, lakes, streams, oceans, ponds (any body of water other than your sewer system), so be eco-friendly about it. When you’re finished coloring your bait, follow the clean up instructions and simply flush the mixture down the drain or toilet.